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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be sharing my managed server with any other users ?
What happens if my server starts to run slow ?
I have approached other hosting companies and their prices seem cheaper than yours, why is this?
Your server contracts are for three years yet I know other companies offer monthly server contracts which can be terminated at any time. Why do you not offer this ?
What are support incidents and why do I need them ?
What sort of information can I store on my managed server ?
What if I choose not to allow backups of my Managed Server ? 
I have a number of files that I require to be uploaded to my Managed Server in advance of it going live. Would it be possible to send a disk with these files as opposed to trying to upload these files over the Internet ?
What if my Managed Server has to be replaced because of a hardware fault, how will you know how to get the server back to how it was ?
Who will own the hardware at the end of the contract period ?
Why do you charge a setup, I know other host providers offer free setup ?

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